If you thought that, say, some Volkswagen hold the price the best, you were wrong. The champion comes from Romania.

At least if you look at the German market, where research on the used car market organized by Auto Bild and Schwacke has been done for 18 years.

The analysis of the residual value of the car includes three-year-old vehicles with up to 60,000 kilometers, and that is about as many as 350 models distributed in 13 different segments.

The absolute winner in all classes is – Dacia Sandero Stepway TCe 90 with a residual value of 66%. The only model that can compete with it is Tesla Model S, the winner in the segment of electric vehicles more expensive than 40 000 euros.

The pride of the German car industry was defended by Porsche (911 Carrera) in the sports car segment, Mercedes in the luxury (S-Class) and van segment (V-Class), BMW in the upper class (Series 5) and Volkswagen with the Golf in the lower middle class.

Let’s also mention the Toyota RAV4 2.5 Hybrid in the segment of compact SUV models. What most people have in common is that petrol models dominate, and the diesel option only remains interesting in the segment of pickups and luxury vehicles, reports B92.

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