On Facebook, an increasing number of users have been complaining in the last few days, mostly by groups, that their acquaintances have asked for the same, certain service – to withdraw money instead of them because their card was allegedly blocked.

However, it is a big scam aimed at downloading as much data as possible from your card.

A sea of ​​photos of messages in which Facebook users inform each other that their friends’ profiles have been hacked, at first glance that person seems to be writing to you, addressing you in a friendly tone and asking for a seemingly harmless service.

– Hey, what are you doing? Do I need a favor if I can? I have an ATM card but it is blocked and I can not withdraw money, I have that electronic application on the phone they gave me from the bank and through the application I can only transfer money to the card I can not bank account, if you have an ATM card I switch to it, so if you go to bed, just pick it up at the ATM and let me know.

Let me pay for the photos on both sides – read the message from the fraudsters that users are warning about.

Like many others, this one is aimed at collecting your data on the map, which is why fraudsters ask you to photograph it from both the face and back.

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