If you put it in a pot, the plants will regenerate! An old trick to wet flowers with an ice cube …

One of the most common reasons why flowers wither is excessive water. Too much water in the pot causes root rot and fungi that grow on the root and kill the plant. Mostly in this case the plants seem to wither, the leaves fall and bend, and the flowers fall off.

Experienced gardeners point out that all you need is a more measured approach to water. Dice can help you with that. The trick is to put two ice cubes in the pot once a week, especially during the summer, so that the plants are happy and hydrated. In this way, the plant gradually absorbs the liquid.

This trick is especially true for orchids. Although the orchid is of the tropics, it does not suffer from too much water and this is one of the main reasons why it withers. The experience of many shows that orchids bloomed more after watering with an ice cube system.

How often you use ice cubes depends on the type of plant and how often it should be watered. In addition to ice cubes, you can also feed the plants with natural fertilizers that you will make yourself.

Put banana peel, two eggshells and water in a blender. Stir everything in and make a natural supplement for your plants.

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