No matter how impossible it may seem, you can unknowingly cause damage

You will always find a paper towel in most kitchens.

They are really useful.

You have probably grabbed them countless times so far to wipe off a kitchen surface.

However, many also use it outside the kitchen, but experts warn that it should not be used to clean these things:

Most glass has a protective layer that you can easily damage if you do not clean the glass as recommended by the manufacturer. Although it is very easy to grab a napkin and wipe away greasy stains, avoid it.

You will also damage the screens of your cell phones if you clean it with a towel. Choose materials and products that will not damage the protective layer on the screens or the color.

You can damage wooden furniture by wiping it with a towel. While it may not look like something that can cause some damage, it is better to wipe wooden surfaces with soft and clean cloths.

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