They are very simple

It often happens that cupboards and shelves feel uncomfortable after the winter time.

We assume you’ve noticed this before.

If your clothes that are completely clean do not smell very fresh, this is probably the case.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this as well, and these are five simple ways to relieve unpleasant odors.

Baking soda
According to environmental toxin expert Tony Harris, placing an open box of baking soda in areas with stagnant air, such as cabinets and shelves, can help absorb some of these long-lasting odors.

2. Essential oils
In addition to absorbing the unpleasant odor, it will emit a pleasant odor … Harris says you can also fill the bowl with half a cup of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. “Simply shake it once a week to refresh the flavor and enhance the soda-absorbing baking soda,” she adds.

3. Soap
Do you have soap near you that you do not use? You can use it to refresh the cupboard or shelves. Just make sure it’s wrapped in paper, because you do not want the leftover soap to get on the shelf or in the drawers.

4. Bag with lavender
Another way to spruce up your wardrobe is to make your own lavender bag. All you need is a little cloth, rice and dried lavender buds. Fill the bags with rice and lavender so that it smells strong enough to your taste.

5. Leave shoes outside the closet
Last but not least … if you want to make sure your closet stays fresh as long as possible, leave your shoes outside because no one wants to wear a shirt that smells like feet.

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