Ficus is one of the most popular plants, and it has a certain symbolism that it appreciates in Feng Shui philosophy. Here’s where this plant should stand in the house

There are certain houseplants that are desirable to have in every home, and ficus is one of them. It comes from the rubber family and is therefore called the rubber plant, although nothing is produced from it. Its natural habitat is South Asia, especially India and the island of Java, where it grows high in the forests. It is also very popular as a houseplant thanks to its decorative, broad dark green leaves.

Apart from being easy to grow and fit into any environment, from classical to modern, ficus is also highly regarded in Feng Shui philosophy. It symbolizes abundance, happiness and wealth and helps to flow good energy into the home. Also clean the air in the room of harmful gases, especially formaldehyde, a chemical found in almost every enclosed space.

Where to put ficus?

According to Feng Shui teachings, its wide round leaves make it ideal to place in the corners of rooms to soften their sharpness. A particularly convenient place is the corner for wealth. To find it, stand in the middle of your home and find the northern part of the apartment. Put the ficus there. But also make sure that the plant has a lot of natural light in that place and that you water and feed it regularly.

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