Driving a car in a sick condition can pose a serious danger to both the driver and other road users, said Dr. Andrej Zvonkov said.

He stressed that a large number of people suffering from covidism require drivers to treat their health carefully, as the corona virus can have a sudden effect on deteriorating health.

“These are epidemiological conditions and any temperature is a suspicion of covid or some kind of inflammation. It is a disease that can not be predicted, now you can feel good, and after half an hour you can faint. Consequently, it is not recommended to drive if you have a temperature, “the doctor explained.

The doctor also said at what temperature you may not drive.

“I will focus on a temperature of 37.5 degrees and higher. “If there is a tendency for the temperature to rise, it could happen that you sit in a car with a temperature of 37.2 degrees, which will soon rise to 38.5 degrees,” says Zvonkov.

The doctor is convinced that measuring temperature and pressure, before sitting in the car, should be a routine. He also stressed that we should not just rely on our feelings, because we can judge wrongly.

“Objectively, the situation can only be assessed using measuring devices, so there should be no risk and there is no threat to the environment.” Before you get in the car to drive, measure the pressure and temperature, ”Zvonkov recommends.


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