This way, your favorite baby toys will last longer

With soft toys, children always feel warm and comfortable. However, if we wash them too much or at too high temperatures, everything we love for them may disappear.

Again, on the other hand, these toys can last for years if maintained adequately.

The ideal time to wash toys is spring, or generally warmer weather, because then it will dry faster.

As for winter, toys should be washed every two to three weeks.

Machine wash
Before putting toys in the machine, make sure that they have metal or plastic parts on them that could damage the washing machine.

When the toy has a plastic battery box, try to remove it. If this is not possible, wash the toy by hand.

The best solution is to air dry them. The toy will initially be slightly deformed, but will eventually return to its original condition.

Hand wash
If there are hard parts that could damage the washing machine, or if the toy has stickers or sequins on it, it is necessary to wash it by hand.

It is advisable to wash all soft toys filled with straw, sawdust, rice and cotton wool.

All you need is water and detergent to wash dishes or laundry.

If there is a stubborn stain, feel free to use a brush.

Wash dry
If the toy is battery-powered and cannot be washed with water, wash it with baking soda.

Simply put a toy in the bag and pour a bag of soda, tie the bag and shake for a few minutes.

Removal of bacteria and mites
Washing in a washing machine at 60 degrees is enough to remove all harmful microbes, but if the toy is large and can not fit, leave it in the freezer for 24 hours.

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