Although decades have passed since the “work of the century”, the former pride of the Yugoslav car industry is still driving, and in significant numbers.

Of the nearly 750,000 copies produced, a third of the production went to export, and exactly 141,511 jugs ended up in the United States. Imports began in the mid-1980s, and the last copy crossed the dam in 1992. Now, thanks to Experian, we know how many of them are still driving on American roads, and they are registered.

To begin with, let’s say there are more of them than, for example, Renault, of which there are currently only 197 in America. There are drastically more of them in terms of not exotic but popular Bugatti. Namely, there are currently 408 South in the United States.

It’s easy to conclude that most of them are preserved collector’s items, and the most attractive Cabrio version certainly has a significant share. In any case, this is a decent number of 30-year-olds, considering that many considered it “the worst car in the world”.

By the way, 283,794,368 cars are currently being driven on U.S. roads. Most are Ford’s, 43,216,100, followed by Chevrolet with 39,815,092 units and Toyota with 35,187,246 cars.

If we return to the European “exotic”, it should be pointed out that there are 630 Peugeots in America, but also 3 135 Opels, allegedly mostly GTs, Mantis and similar attractions. LanĨa is represented with 97 copies, Triumph with only 141 copies.

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