Here’s how to clean a tray without scrubbing after a holiday lunch, it removes even burnt fat!

The holiday lunch is over, and while everyone is praising your specialties, you look at a bunch of dishes and wonder how to restore them to their old glory? Grease and burnt stains are commonly fried especially after meat, and this way you will clean the pan without scrubbing!
All you need are some things you already have at home, and no hassle, it’s really simple!

Sprinkle the entire surface of the pan with baking soda and then pour plain white vinegar. It will foam a little, and leave it for ten minutes to soak in this degreasing mixture. Afterwards, add soft drink and vinegar and pour some dishwashing detergent and hot water into the pan. Let stand for another 20 minutes, wipe with a sponge and you will be amazed, all the stains will disappear and the tray will look like new!

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