Do not shorten the life of the devices

With each new series, phone, laptop and computer become more powerful, but also more sensitive.

There are some common, unintentional mistakes that people make in handling these devices, thereby damaging them.

Often it is minor damage that can be repaired, but sometimes the damage to a brand new phone or laptop is so great that you have no choice but to throw it away and get a new one, even if you recently had this bought one.

As they become more expensive, we believe that a few tips may be helpful to you so as not to shorten the life of your devices.

Avoid the following mistakes to keep your phone, computer and laptop running for as long as possible.

1. Be careful how you clean the entrances
Metal objects, needles, knives or paper clips can scratch your phone’s connector and create a bigger problem. One of the two best cleaning options is a toothpick, which is thin enough to go into the hole and clean all the dirty debris.

Another option is an air compressor that can blow out all dust and debris. Avoid blowing your mouth inside the opening as your breath contains water particles that can cause damage.

2. Do not leave the phone in the sun
While charging, you can leave your phone on the dresser next to the window. Also, sit in a cafe on a sunny day while your phone is on the table.

The screen absorbs heat at high speeds and can start to break down at unexpected speeds. In the worst case, your phone can overheat and turn off to protect itself.

The battery also charges more slowly when the phone is exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Do not wait for the battery to fully discharge
On the one hand, never charge your phone to zero, and on the other hand, do not connect it to a charger if the battery is more than 80 percent full, as the battery may be empty.

It is not even recommended to fully charge it. Phone manufacturers say it is ideal for a phone when the battery is between 20 and 80 percent full.

4. Do not download applications from unverified sites
Many people try to download applications for free to avoid paying for the original versions of the program. By downloading these applications, telephone viruses are almost inevitably downloaded.

Therefore, you should stick to official application stores that have ratings and reviews for all applications. Also, make sure that your antivirus program is turned on and working properly so that it can detect malicious software that is trying to enter your device.

5. Clean your computer regularly
Whether you have a laptop or a computer, you may have noticed that dust and crumbs get stuck in the keyboard over time. This problem gets even worse if you have a pet or if you eat next to a computer.

Also note the cooling fan in the computer case. Make sure you remove dust regularly.

6. Do not charge the phone at night
Cellphone manufacturers say it is harmful to charge the phone overnight. This is because your phone will stop charging when it reaches 100 percent, and when it reaches 99 percent, it will have to make a double attempt to charge.

Also, as mentioned above, most manufacturers say that it is best to charge the phone up to 80 percent.

7. Do not lift the laptop by holding it to the screen
Lifting a laptop screen is a bad idea and can permanently damage the device, even to the point that you will have to buy a new one. Excessive pressure on the hinges that connect the screen to the keyboard can break the hinges.

The best way to lift the laptop is to grab it by the side with both hands and take it lightly to a flat surface. Keep in mind that holding the laptop on uneven surfaces can lead to bending and other damage.

8. Do not clean the appliances with chemicals
Household chemicals contain many harmful substances, such as ammonia, which can damage the appliance. To clean the screen, you need a special, dedicated product or just water and a magic cloth.

Just moisten the cloth, squeeze it well when using water and rub lightly over the surface of the appliance.

Do not press too hard on the screen when cleaning, as this may create black dots. Also, do not use paper towels anyway as it is too rough so it will scratch your screen.