It just takes a little effort

You can never know for sure how much your washing machine will work.

Basically it comes down to the variant of which model you like.

However, this does not mean that with a little effort you can not extend the life of your machine.

The most important thing, of course, is regular cleaning.

And you need to do these things regularly:

Read the instructions that came with the machine
Each type of washing machine is a story in itself and in that sense they are cleaned differently. In this regard, it is important to read the instructions that came with it when you purchased it. If you have lost the manual, do not worry, because you can find cleaning instructions online according to the make and model of the machine.

Clean the powder and emollient inlet
A mixture of soap and water will help you clean the inlet for washing powder and fabric softener. This way you will ensure that cleaning products that come in contact with your wardrobe do not buy traces of old cleaning products that may contain bacteria and other dirt.

Low cleaners and softeners can also become stubborn and clog the pipes through which they have to pass.

Clean the filter
If your washing machine has a filter, make sure you clean it once a month. You will be amazed when you discover everything that can get stuck in this place – from buttons, forgotten things in your pockets to applications downloaded during washing of things.

Check the hose behind the machine
Without a functional hose, your washing machine will not work properly. Lime deposits in the water are the main cause of clogging of this part of the washing machine. If it is not cleaned regularly, the machine can flood your bathroom under water pressure.

Start the machine at the highest temperature
Experts point out that most of the bacteria accumulate in the drum of the washing machine. Luckily, cleaning the drum is child’s play and you only need vinegar for it. Pour the vinegar into the detergent hole (2-3 cups) and start the machine without washing in it, selecting the highest temperature. That would be enough to do it every three months.

Clean the washing machine with alcohol
If there are visible traces of dirt on the rubber that is stuck to the door of your washing machine, use a cloth soaked in alcohol to remove it.

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