The state continues to subsidize the purchase of new, environmentally friendly taxis.

During this year, a maximum of 6,000 taxi drivers will each be able to receive 8,000 euros. The condition is that they have been in business since 4 January 2019 or earlier and that they do not owe in the name of taxes and contributions. The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure will collect requests and make decisions on a quarterly basis.

To use the subsidy, the taxi carrier is obliged to pay 15 percent of the purchase price of the new passenger vehicle in advance. Whether it is part of the participation for the approval of the financial lease or part of the participation for the approval of a dedicated loan. The subsidy is granted in accordance with the regulations governing the rules for the allocation of low-value state aid.

If the taxi carrier buys a new passenger vehicle with his own funds, the subsidy is paid after the taxi carrier provides proof that he has the part of the purchase price that is not financed from the subsidy funds, ie proof of full payment to the supplier. paid. payment to the supplier of at least 15 per cent of the purchase price of a new passenger vehicle. If a taxi carrier buys a new passenger vehicle by concluding a financial lease agreement, ie the conclusion of a special purpose loan agreement, the subsidy is paid after the conclusion of a financial lease agreement, i.e. the conclusion of a special purpose loan agreement. “A new passenger vehicle whose purchase is subsidized must comply with the prescribed conditions of the Passenger Transport in Road Traffic Act and must have a value of not less than 13 000 euros,” reads the decree, reports Novosti.

A car purchased with a subsidy may not be sold for at least three years from the date of registration. The same number of taxi drivers are required to use it for taxi transport. If he does not meet the deadlines, he will have to return the paid aid to the state.

Among other things, a taxi driver must not have a final judicial or administrative measure that prohibits the performance of activities or a conviction for an economic offense. He must prove that he has fulfilled all obligations owed on the basis of public revenue. If he has a reprogramming contract, he should not owe more than 500,000 dinars.

What can be bought

State aid is granted for new passenger vehicles that meet one of the following criteria – have full electric, hybrid or compressed natural gas propulsion, or at least meet the Euro 6 standard for exhaust gases.

New passenger vehicles must have the marks prescribed by the decisions of the local self-government units that make the decision on the approval of the transport fee, if such decisions are made.

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