You certainly put the laundry to be washed and did not take it out of the washing machine immediately after the program. It happens that then an unpleasant odor is created.

It is possible to leave the laundry in the machine for a few hours, but still retain the smell and freshness.

If you happen to have to leave the house and there is no one to pick up the laundry, know that it can wait for you where you left it for up to 12 hours after you washed it, but under certain circumstances.

First, you need to know if the machine itself contains bacteria and mold and if it is dirty or spreads as an unpleasant odor when empty.

If this is the case, the laundry you take out immediately after washing will also have an unpleasant odor, which will be even more pronounced if you leave such clothes undisturbed for a few hours.

Then you should clean the machine thoroughly, preferably pour vinegar on the spot where you usually pour detergent and turn on the empty machine to wash, if you do not already have a program to clean the machine.

Another prerequisite for fresh and clean laundry after a long stay in the machine is that you have poured exactly as much detergent as prescribed. Less may not be enough, and more may have a counter-effect, sticking to clothes. When not washed enough, bacteria can easily stick to the laundry, so the result of even immediately distributed laundry is dirty clothes that do not have the nicest smell.

If you happen to feel an unpleasant odor, it is a sign that the mold has already started to spread and that the laundry has become dirty, so it needs to be washed well again.

If you still feel fresh after opening the drum door, you have two less worries – a proper, clean machine and a lack of stress when you are in a hurry, and the laundry will have to wait for you to distribute it.

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