You should have found yourself in a situation where you have to stop washing immediately and stop the washing machine. This usually happens when we realize that we have left money, a phone in our pocket, or when we need to get an object out of the bin that does not belong there.

We all react instinctively, turn off the machine immediately and open the door (provided there is no water in the drum). Are we breaking the machine like that?

How to stop the washing program in a safe way and not break the machine?

The easiest way to stop the device is to press the “start” or “pause” button. The program will be paused, and if you hold the button for a few seconds, it will turn off.

“The machine can be stopped if its design allows it. If you stop it by pressing the ‘start / stop’ button, there will be no problem. But disconnecting the machine completely from power is not good, it can affect how it will work not only when you were on, but also in the future “, said the Russian expert for testing and certification of household appliances Oleg Dranitski explained and added that the machine breaks, writes Espresso.

And what to do if the drum is full of water?

“In this case, you must first drain the water. This can be done with a filter located behind the hinge door at the bottom of the washing machine. To prevent water from spilling on the floor, place a container under the machine. The water can also be drained with a spin or drain program, he said.

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